Our Gospel Music Festivals Blog: “Dedicated to Our Heavenly Father”

Welcome everyone and let us all give Thanks to Our Heavenly Father for the Success He Has Blessed us with. This being His Christian Non-demoninational web-site, Gospel Music Festivals and now the introduction of this blog-site.

After  many months of travelling across Canada and the USA, meeting, fellowshipping and sharing with hundreds of people both Christian and non-Chtistian, I was Graciously directed from above, to start this blog.

There are thousands of people who desire to, need to and wish to share their issues with others thru their life’s experiences and into their future days.

Based on this desire of people, this Christian Faith Based blog is dedicated to God’s Word, and the Knowledge that the Only “Way to The Father, is thru His Son, Jesus Christ”.

All emails are subject to approval and may be placed on the site, upon being proof read.  If we do Not enter Your write-up: You were  either, outside our basic guide lines, of poor language or non-Christian manner and will be completely deleted with no responce.

We ask you keep entries, in a positive fashion, non/gently political, Biblical manner and to Pray before you type and send.

We are of One Father and are here to support each other in everyway possible. Later on, I will be introducing  some of our Christian Team Members, to whom you may want to direct questions or give testimonies to. Basically, the blog is wide open to sharing with eveyone.

We are excited with this “Leap of Faith” and given time, will again Prove, beyond any doupt that God’s has again Blessed Us , with this venture.

I thank-you in advance and Pray that we will  be supportative to eachother, thru Our Father Desires.

To Him I say, ” Thank-you Father, from us Your Children”.

Bob Olynyk   Host   www.gospelmusicfestivals.com     “The Web-site With a Complete Ministry”    www.gospelmusicfestivals.net


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